Material Directions: AW 2022/34


Despite some encouraging news, the pandemic and the spectre of global recession will take its toll. Against this backdrop, protectionism, collectivism and above all, resilience, are prevailing drivers.

In Coast, inspiration for this resilience comes from North Atlantic coastal communities. All share a rugged and uncompromising aesthetic informed by harsh weather and self-sufficiency.

Coast was first published in MIX Magazine issue 62, and the following material and surface directions explored in more detail in our AW 2022/23 Global CMF Forecast.



Sun Bleached 

In contrast to an appreciation for permanence focus is on unstable colour; how the sun fades and eventually bleaches it out. Of note Jiyong Kim’s sustainable menswear collection, Daylight Matters, favours sunlight to generate patterns and colour that evolve overtime over toxic print and dyeing processes.



These naturally occurring variations of colour are celebrated and replicated in textile art as seen in Line Nilsen’s woven wall hangings. Informed by artisanal processes including hand dyeing and painting yarns, the pieces are a response to the absence and presence of light in arctic Norway. 


Pattern Focus




The benefits of seaweed inform material direction with its restorative, circular and sustainable properties. Seaweed Circle by Klarenbeek & Dros and Friedrich Gerlach, is the creation of a biopolymer derived from seaweed; it can be digitally printed into products, remove redundant CO2, and be composted at its end of life.



Seaweed is proving successful across industries and emerging in furniture design, look to  Samuel Tomatis’ Alga Chair that highlights the aesthetic and mechanical qualities of algae.



Material Focus



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