SS 2023 Geographic Focus


Brand new publication for 2022!


Our Geographic Focus supplements shine a spotlight on regional designers and artists who encapsulate the spirit of our design directions. Our hope is that you’ll discover new names and be inspired to connect and collaborate.



In this publication

Each focus for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North America, Latin America, India, Asia and Australia & New Zealand includes drivers and influences that shape regional directions, innovator showcases from the region, as well as region-specific colour palettes, combinations, and proportions.





This season features region specific insight for the Sleep, Fury, Clinic and Kingdoms stories.



For Europe, the story Sleep highlights a desire for comfort and cocooning that shows no sign of abating. Rest pervades everything, as loungewear moves from bedroom to home office, and fashion labels move effortlessly into home accessories.


Middle East



Each design direction is carefully explored in regional colour palettes, combinations, and proportions.



For the Middle East, there is a regional shift in the colour palette for the story Fury; Orange Flare, a clear and balanced light orange replaces neutral Sawdust. This palette is an exercise in contrast of hue, shade and saturation. Greyscale monochromes contrast dramatically with a duo of reds, while more nuanced neutrals and the clear orange add complexity.


South Africa



Our latest Geographic Focus supplements for SS 2023 showcase innovative and inspiring designers and projects from the region.



For South Africa, immediacy feeds into the region’s take on the Kingdoms story. Handcrafted pieces, energetic collages of multiple colours and patterns, found and recycled objects integrated into designs, and the outsized and immersive all find a comfortable home in this region.


Our designer focus, Pascale Theron, captures this story perfectly through her textile pieces incorporating soon-to-be lost crafts, her work acknowledges the past, confronts the present, and takes an optimistic view of the future.



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