SS 2023 Global CMF Forecast

Global CMF Forecast


How surfaces and materials work in partnership with colour to create new design outcomes is integral to our work at Colour Hive.

Our latest forecast for SS 2023 features diverse colour, material and finish (CMF) directions for the Sleep, Fury, Clinic and Kingdoms stories.



In this forecast

Each design direction is carefully explored in material, pattern, colour and finish focused sections to showcase innovative and inspiring designers and projects.



In the story Sleep, where prevailing themes of wellbeing and self-care are of note, we feature projects designed to comfort and reassure, encouraging active rest, and outcomes for print and pattern are delicate, dispersed and drowsy.



Taking design directions successfully from concept to realisation owes much to good storytelling. Through colour, material and finish we aim to bring you a compelling narrative, one that not only inspires, but also makes sense.



One aspect of Sleep CMF sees surface finishes mimic naturally tactile nap and fuzz, while colour combinations are influenced by cyclical time patterns that emphasise this story's sleepy, ethereal mood.



Our palettes are informed by an in depth understanding of how and why colour families evolve.



For each season we identify the macro colour directions for the season with important colour groups and families.



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The standards for all colours are referenced to the closest Pantone, NCS, RAL, plus RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX breakdowns, and are supplied digitally.