About us

Colour Hive is a London-based creative agency with 20 years' experience in trend, colour and material forecasting.

Our trend and colour expertise are at the centre of our work in developing strategy, content and design for our clients. We are also the creators and publishers of MIX Magazine, a quarterly forecasting publication for design and colour professionals.

What we do

We forecast, analyse and track trends in colour, material and finish for the design industry. In a competitive environment, we have a proven track record in identifying the drivers and commercial outcomes to support your brand direction and product development. We believe in communicating our forecasts through intelligent analysis and beautiful design. 

Trend forecasts

We’re immersed in the influences that drive trends and form the core of consumer demands and expectations. Through creative concept and expert industry panels and geographic analysis of the nuances in global regions we are confident in the business value of our directions.

Colour consulting

Colour plays a vital role in the success of a brand or product. At Colour Hive we not only forecast colour trends two years ahead of season, but track their global and regional usage, trajectory and longevity to offer unrivalled expertise in aspects of colour consultancy from coatings to branding.

Colour & material design

How surface and materials work in partnership with colour to create new design outcomes is integral to our forecasting. Our in-depth CMF (Colour, Material, Finish) forecasts are now available as part of Colour Hive Membership. 

Storytelling & graphic design

Beautiful presentation is an integral part of conveying your brand values. With award winning inspirational design and creative copywriting, we can help engage your customers with the unique story behind your brand. 

Art direction, photography & curation

From the art direction of brand showcases to exhibition curation we bring an extra dimension to trend visualisation and communication. 

Seminars & trend presentations

We deliver our seasonal forecasts and colour insight at exhibitions and events globally.

How can we help you?

We'd love to talk to you about your business.