About Us

We are a creative agency with more than 20 years' experience publishing design, colour and material insight.

Tastes and preferences are shaped by the things that are happening around us. In a competitive environment, we have a proven track record in identifying these influences and interpreting them into colour and design directions. 
We communicate to our members and clients through inspiring concepts, intelligent analysis and beautiful design. 

Our expertise is at the centre of our work in bespoke projects for our consultancy clients. We are the creators and publishers of MIX Magazine and a range of design, colour and material reports.

All of our publications are included in Colour Hive membership.

Design Directions

We launch four design directions each season in our own publication, MIX Magazine. With engaging narratives and informed colour palette, these are our creative interpretations of the how the big-picture drivers will emerge visually.

Through creative concept, expert industry panels, and analysis of how drivers and outcomes differ across geographic regions we are confident in the business value of our design directions.

Colour & Material Design

How surface and materials work in partnership with colour to create new design outcomes is integral to product development. 

From concept and storytelling to application our publications explore the relationships between colour and material. We are proud to feature and credit innovative and inspiring designers and projects.

Colour Hive Membership

All of our publications are included in membership.

MIX Magazine | Geographic Focus| Trend Influences | CMF Forecast | Design Impressions

Colour Consultancy

Colour plays a vital role in the success of a brand or product. At Colour Hive we not only forecast colour directions, but track their global and regional usage, trajectory and longevity to offer unrivalled expertise in aspects of colour consultancy from coatings to branding.

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