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"Ideas on colour and form were communicated clearly and with passion, so much so that designing across hemispheres proved to be as easy as if they were part of our team here in Sydney."

- David Giorgio, Head of Ideation | Caroma

“Colour Hive has a wealth knowledge and insights in colour, design and innovation which helps us forecast trends and inspire our customers”

- Andrea Lucena-Orr, Colour & Communications Manager | Dulux Group Australia

"With its international insight and forward-thinking editorial content, Colour Hive is an excellent partner for leading-edge colour and trend consultation."

- Renee Hytry Derrington, Group VP Design | Formica Group


  1. Colour Directions 2025: SOUL

    Continuing our explorations in neutrality and tonality, the narrative of SOUL is conveyed in a quietly expressive palette.
  2. Material Directions 2025: LAND

    Amid urgent climate warnings, the preservation of nature is vital.
  3. MIX Magazine Issue 76 | 2026 Part One

    While aesthetic expressions frequently change, some macro drivers are refusing to shift.

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