AW 2023/24 MIX Magazine issue 67

In this issue... 

We’ve been thinking a lot about waste. After two years of strained systems being put under even more pressure by discarded pandemic PPE, we have reached a critical juncture.

For many designers, the issue is uncomfortable; there is an obvious conflict between the drive to create and the need to stem the excesses of consumerism. In this issue we look at two very different approaches to the dilemma.



Heartbreaker takes a craft-like, slow design approach, arguing for thoughtful design that rejects inbuilt redundancy. Put simply, if we make something beautiful enough, it will continue to be cared for and appreciated, so helping to stem the tide of thoughtless, throwaway purchases.



In contrast, Find, sees waste as a raw material, overcoming taboos about toxic or visceral sources and instead using every scrap of resource available to us.



This story also looks at the realities of waste disposal, in particular neo-colonial waste streams, and shines a light on the dubious practices of greenwashing. This is another area where designers can help, creating clearer and more readily understandable information sources on supply chains for consumers.



In this issue there's also a focus on surface. We talk to leaders in the world of print on colour and motif directions. 



Also, in this issue…

  • Features essays, and interviews that give context to AW 2023/24
  • Design, colour and material direction and analysis over 40 pages
  • Global colour palettes and geographic variances for Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand
  • Early adopters of AW 2022/23 directions Home and Belief
  • Focus on Surface

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Amit Aggarwal | Superly Natural | Model Tanya Maria Lakra @boo_keli_ | Photo Ankit Chawla @iwishiwerelight; Jay Hutchinson | McChicken box | Hand embroidery on printed cotton drill | Otago Museum Collection | Photo Justin Spiers