CMF Forecast

Taking our trend and colour forecasts to the next level

How surface and materials work in partnership with colour to create new design outcomes is integral to our forecasting. Our bi-annual CMF (colour, material, finish) forecast is available as part of Colour Hive Membership.

Created by Colour Hive

Trend drivers: An overview of the influences driving consumer demands and expectations for the season. Trend matrix: The four key consumer profiles driving trend outcomes. Trend directions: Four focused trend themes for the season. Colour Overview: Colour directions for the season. Each trend features: Trend overview: Mood boards and key words. Colour palette: Eight colours referenced to Pantone TPG, NCS, RAL, RGB, Lab and CMYK. Colour proportions: Examples of colour palette combinations for product development. Material palette: Visuals for six material directions. Material concept: A detailed look at material directions. In context: Inspirational images of directional real-world CMF applications.


The complete season of Colour Hive trends are contextualised with key drivers and a navigational matrix decoding the consumer profiles. Trends feature original MIX images and focused direction for colour, material and finish development.


We are colour experts. Our directional colour palettes are endorsed by an in-depth knowledge of how and why colour families evolve. Each trend features a colour palette with analysis of the interplays and proportions designed for CMF application. Colours are referenced to Pantone TPG, NCS, RAL, RGB, Lab and CMYK.

Material & finish

Each trend features a materials palette, material and finish concepts and a process and designer focus. A final section shows key aspects of the CMF story in real-world context for actionable design direction.

CMF Forecast

Our CMF forecast is now included in Colour Hive Membership.