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CMF Directions

Our seasonal CMF Directions showcases designers working with materials and colour to create exciting new design outcomes.

Over 120 fully credited pages we explore the drivers and concepts of four design directions through a CMF lens.

In each issue you’ll find…

OVERVIEWS | Outlines of the global drivers for each design direction with key concepts and mood boards.

COLOUR PALETTES | Each design direction has a palette of eight colours, an analysis of structure and composition and palette building with proportions.

MIX colours are referenced to closest PANTONE® TPG, NCS – Natural Colour System® and RAL Design colours, plus RGB, LAB and CMYK breakdowns and HEX codes.

CMF DIRECTIONS | 48 CMF directions featuring material, pattern, colour and finish for the season. Each CMF direction is explored with editorial copy and fully credited high-quality images.

FOCUS | For each of the 48 CMF Directions, a focus on a key project or designer.


From concept to application, Colour Hive membership gives you the essential building blocks for design and product development.

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