SS 2023 MIX Magazine issue 65

In this issue…

Our latest stories are strikingly different. Representing two possible routes of travel for 2023, there is the cool, considered elegance of Clinic, encapsulating new takes on the evergreen wellness driver and the power of science.



Then there is Kingdoms; maximalist and extrovert, a love story dedicated to personal expression and the flowering of creative projects seeded during lockdown.



Also, in this issue we rightly celebrate new talent, recognising that graduates around the world have had a truly tough time. It is to their eternal credit that, rather than give up, they have collectively put on a display of work that is truly dazzling.



In many ways then, MIX Magazine 65 is dedicated to future talent, whose work is incorporated into much of the content seen in this issue. As well as the graduate showcase more of their work appears in our Colour Directions, Drivers and Outliers sections.



This is a testament to the extraordinarily high standard of graduate work seen in this year across the world. We couldn’t have compiled this issue without them.



Also, in this issue…

  • Features, essays, and interviews exploring the drivers behind the SS 2023 forecast
  • 40 pages of trend and colour and material direction and analysis
  • Global colour palettes and geographic variances for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand
  • Early adopters of our SS 2022 directions Custodian and Goddess
  • Colour innovator interviews
  • Focus on innovations in Beauty


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Charlie Goodall, @movingface | Vista, Fuzhou, China, Karv One Design, Photo King Ou/ Jimmy He | Chestnut Roasters Artist Series, LOEWE Weaves collection, LOEWE | Matty Bovan Studio | Luis Undritz