Surface and Design Directions

Introducing AW 2021/22: Cloister

If one response to existential threat is hedonism and excess, the other is a deep dive into personal spirituality and restraint.

With strong human centric, societal and environmental drivers, this story is about belief in a secular age.

Visually Cloister is about choosing deprivation over excess, the pure and beautiful and the minimal and clean.

Cloister was first published in MIX Magazine issue 59, and the following material and surface directions explored in more detail in our AW 2021/22 CMF Forecast.


Sacred Wood

The engineered aesthetic of wood referenced in design direction Dome (AW 202/21), evolves into austere simplicity inspired by sacral architecture. Of note the curved black ash dowels and hinged mirrors that make up the Svale Screen by Stærk&Christensen for Bower Studios



Oiled and sculptural, segmental arches are carved into the Pier table by Bofred. Wood presents as sombre capturing the spirit found in places of worship, prayer and meditation.


Material Focus


Architectural Stone

Like the architectural balance found in cairns, there is a curated yet Spartan aesthetic reflected in stark and sculptural stone. Designed by Gabriel Tan and made by Joâo Lourenco for Origin, the Charred vase is rounded and smooth with a serene smoked exterior.



Archetypes of classical architecture inspire the Ark vase designed by Gabriel Tan and made by João Lourenço for Origin.



Pattern Focus



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Image credits from top:

© Colour Hive | BOWER X Stærk&Christensen | Bofred feature furniture, photo by Inge Prins, styling by Sanri Pienaar | Britt Fabello | Design by Gabriel Tan, made by Joâo Lourenco for Origin | Design by Norm Architects, made by Joâo Monteiro for Origin | Kate Farley