SS 2023 MIX Magazine issue 64

An emotional response…

Forecasting is all about looking forward, but the pandemic has thrown all expectations up into the air and, until the virus is fully under control, it’s a challenge to predict where everything will land.

Despite or maybe because of the current state of flux, drivers have emerged, not least because of experiences shared by everyone in the world.

Rather than outward looking, these drivers tend to be directed inward; a persuasive guide for future predictions is of course our collective emotional responses to the last 18 months.

Inevitably these have influenced the two stories in this issue; notably the prevalence of extreme fatigue and rage.



In Sleep we discover the increased fetishisation of rest after a prolonged period of anxiety.



This story reflects a need for reassurance and comfort with a palette that evokes an inner world of gentle, hushed colours.



In stark contrast, Fury charts the political and cultural storms fuelling dissent globally, but also pays homage to the creativity sparked by adversity.



This story is expressed by a bold and assertive palette dominated by black, red and white.



In this issue we also introduce an enhanced Geographic Focus. Design directions need to be viewed through a regional filter and to find the strongest and most cogent way to present drivers to different markets, we’ve refined our approach.



Also, in this issue…

  • Features, essays, and interviews exploring the drivers behind the SS 2023 forecast
  • 40 pages of trend and colour and material direction and analysis
  • Global colour palettes and geographic variances for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand
  • Early adopters of SS 2022 directions Awkward and Wasteland
  • Colour innovator interviews
  • Focus on innovations in food and drink

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