Colour Directions 2024/25: Mine

Designed to deliver both immersive gradients and singular statements, much like the drivers of Mine, this is a colour direction with multiple narratives.

With contrasts of depth, darkness and brilliance, the references to minerals are clear. The cool element that runs through the palette creates a visual harmony in this striking colour story. 

First published in MIX Magazine issue 70 and explored in more detail in our 2024/25 CMF Directions.



Sulphur Mines

The connecting thread of green creates a harmony in a combination that balances tint, tone and saturation.




Light and dark blue-greens Opal and Deep Viridian create a graphic backdrop to the powerful, green-cast yellow Sulphur in a sci-fi aesthetic with applications across all sectors from fashion to home accessories.






The powerful yet harmonious duo of warm Lapis Lazuli and cool Electric Pink is designed to jolt and create an immersive experience.



While physical applications see live edges and gradients, the effect using the combination in environmental lighting transforms the aesthetic of the subject.



Deep Mine



It’s all about the interactions of undertone in this heavily shaded group. The yellow of Fools Gold, blue of Crow and red of Lithium create a natural colour harmony while evoking mined materials and industrial processes.



Look to objects featuring hammered and soldered metals, aggregates and powder coatings.



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Image credits from top: Zaven for Verso | No Flags collection | Photo ˝ Claudia Zalla; H&M Innovation; Pablo Octavio | Dino coffee table; Ward Wijnant | CHUNK-mirror | Photo Ronald Smits; T Sakhi | Reconciled Fragments coffee table | Photo Thierry Depagne, image courtesy of Galerie Gosserez; Atelier van Asseldonk | Discovery One | The Dawn of Design collection