CMF Directions 2024/25

Colour, Material and Finish


Our latest directions for 2024/25 feature diverse CMF palettes for Grain, Mine, Plain and Plant.





Increased urbanisation and trade globalisation have led to a disconnection with a sense of place. In the face of global disruption and increasing resource scarcity, where we live takes on a totemic importance, inspiring designers to look to the land and cultural identity for inspiration. This story speaks to the rich seam of oral storytelling in agricultural communities worldwide.

Visually, this story brings many threads from around the world from Bagh block printing from India, shibori from Japan and kente in Africa, potato prints from the US and raffia and sisal weaves from South America.






Designers are acutely aware of the challenges posed by overconsumption and waste. Now attention is turning to e-waste and the rare mineral mining needed for electronics and clean energy. Can solutions be found before it’s too late?

This is a story of contrasts; the raw with the refined, the contaminated with the benign. Solid surfaces mimic striations and raw minerals, while flecks of colour punctuate metals, painted leather, resin and glass. Surfaces both absorb and reflect light with rough-hewn and multichromatic contrasts.






The luxury market has always looked to the rare and labour intensive to signal status. Now though, ostentation is being rethought as the affluent pare back to bare, informing a stone age style that rejects the frenetic complexity of the modern world.

This is also a story about control, where surroundings exude a reassuring solidity, offering protection from the outside world. There is the slight sheen of smooth stone, rare marble, alabaster, slate. A touch of paganism is also evident here, an animist approach to materials that sees a spiritual connection with ancient stone monoliths.

The overall effect is primal but elegant. Size plays a role in this story, with visually impressive, outsized structures formed with the intention of subtly marking status.






The Anthropocene now exceeds living biomass, extinction is accelerating, pollution has reached even the most isolated parts of the planet, and 60 per cent of the world’s biodiversity has vanished in the past 40 years.

Yet, while the drivers may be dire, this story focuses on moving forward to reconnect us not just with the natural world but also with our own senses.

Nature essentially becomes a design tool and the key to regenerative processes that protect the future. Surfaces emulate the glossy, fibrous and prickly qualities of plants. Patterns creep and entwine with no repeats and scale is a driver with plays on the macro and micro.



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