Colour Directions AW 2023/24: Find

In line with the story's approach to materials, the Find colour palette reflects how original colour choices in design emerge from waste processes.

Combinations are instinctive rather than prescriptive with a serendipity to offset complements and imperfect harmonies. 

With a neutral feel, Ever Grey, Brown PaperOil Black and Flint, are shadows of stronger hues, while the decisive and surviving accents of Red Coral, Pink Spark, Lincoln Green and Blue Cloak show incidental colour at its very best.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 67 and explored in more detail in our AW 2023/24 CMF Directions.



Recycled Colour


There's a beauty in the colour serendipity of the mixed, merged, blended and recycled.



The indecipherable quality of purple-cast Flint plays with the yellow undertone of Oil Black, while functional neutral Ever Grey and warm Blue Cloak bring to mind concrete and denim. Together they have a timeless quality that fits with the mood of the story.



Primary Relations



A reliable harmony for a reason. The ubiquitous nature of red, yellow, and blue in product design makes them a natural candidate for interpretation in Find.



Blue Cloak and Red Coral are shaded representations of primary colours. Brown Paper, familiar and warm softens the edge in a recognisable yet nuanced colour statement.



Scuffed Accents



In recycled projects, flashes of surviving pure colour are a happy accident.



Against a neutral backdrop of Ever Grey, Brown Paper and Flint are flashes of brightness. Clear, warm Pink Spark and deep Lincoln Green call to mind mass-production and e-waste.



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Image credits from top: Hand & Eye Studio | lo wall light | Silica stone disc made from recycled glass and ceramics, metal wall mount | Photo Nick Rochowski; EILEEN FISHER Inc x West Elm | Felted denim and fabric scraps | Photo Ryan Liebe; Nature Squared x Elaine Yan Ling Ng | Label Calcium | CArrele collection | Eggshell | Photo Tracy Wong; JB Gambier | Records Rack | Wood, tape | Photo © Pierre Castignola; 1991 NOTION | VICTOR CHOI AND READY-MADE collection; Stefan Rurak | Concrete and Steel Low Table No.4, 2021 | Photo courtesy of Todd Merrill Studio, NYC