Colour Directions AW 2023/24: Heartbreaker

A palette of interconnected hues transitioning from one to another in an almost musical scale. The monochrome duo of Jet and Primer White is the foundation to red-cast blues from Rainwater to Lavender Quartz and Iolite Blue. The blue-cast reds, from lightest Pink Pearl to Rose Opal and rich Red Velvet, mirror this flow.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 67, and explored in more detail in our AW 2023/24 CMF Directions.



Blue Scale


Transitioning seamlessly from purple-cast Rainwater through a tonal duo of red-cast blues, Lavender Quartz and Iolite Blue, and anchored with Jet, this colour combination exemplifies the objective beauty of Heartbreaker.



Gradient colour is a natural application for glass and textiles.



All Roses



The underlying femininity of the Heartbreaker aesthetic makes an exploration of rose pinks and reds a natural direction.



As with the blues, the smooth transitions between hues reflect ideas around the pleasure in harmony and structure. Blue-cast Pink Pearl and its tonal partner Rose Opal are framed with an intense Red Velvet and clean Primer White for universal applications.



Red-Blue Blends



With Red Velvet and Rose Opal cast with blue, and Lavender Quartz and Iolite Blue cast with red, this is a harmonious combination of connected colours designed to merge and intersect.



In applications from conceptual art to home interiors and fashion, a multicoloured effect is achieved from within a controlled colour space.



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Image credits from top: Joel Escalona Studio | Balance Grande | Glass produced by Nouvel studio | Photo Mariana Achach; © Colour Hive; Dooq | L’unité armchair | Velvet upholstery; Rosie Assoulin | Spring 2022 collection; © Colour Hive; Ibbini Studio | Eternity No.5 | Lasercut papers over ink on mylar; Inger Högberg | Svensson | Grain | Acoustic fabric; © Colour Hive; Yorgo Lykoria, Ksenia Stanishevski | Volver | Yggdrasil rug in verdande red | Handtufted NZ wool, bamboo silk, handcarved | Photo Pernille Münster