Surface Design Show Spotlight


Colour Hive at Surface Design Show 2024


As another inspiring Surface Design Show comes to a close, we want to say a big thank you to all who attended, and the six brilliant designers who helped bring our 2025 design direction Hack to life.



Material Showcase 2025


Our dedicated installation featured otherworldly materials and objects that embodied the themes central to Hack, from digital collaboration and distorting perceptions to exploring the intersection of the physical and virtual.


Couldn't make it? Check out our participants below:


Jiheon Chae



When It Comes Out blurs the line between digital and physical reality by bringing virtual tableware into the tangible realm. Rather than seeing technology as a mere tool, Jiheon Chae designs in a distinctive style where the laws of physics no longer apply. The pieces exhibit a digital aesthetic applied to everyday objects, merging the virtual and the real.


Kristine Mandsberg



BLOB is a collection of nine studies exploring the fluidity and shape of organic textile forms. Each piece is finished with a flocking technique, resulting in a velvet-like texture. This unique combination of materials and process promotes discovery and physical engagement, offering sensuous and aesthetic cues for a deeper connection between the audience and the work.


OODD Studios



INTER_SPACE is a material development inspired by the interplay between traditional crafts and increasing digitalisation, exemplified through contemporary lace. Engaging with these multi-sensory materials offers unrestricted access to tactile experiences, strengthening the ability to learn and remember.





Transcolor Printing proposes new CMF applications through 3D printing, enabling precise colour and texture control. From homewares to decorative panels and jewellery, surfaces play with perception, achieving optical effects and causing colours to change depending on the viewing angle.


2LG Studio x Sheyn



3D printed from a PLA material derived from corn, the Flare Vase collection, a collaboration between 2LG Studio and Sheyn, is a celebration of expression and inclusivity. Each vase is created using algorithms that randomly determine the design, resulting in a serendipitous balance of bold colour and pattern.


Travis Fitch



Travis Fitch explores the possibilities of 3D printing directly onto fabric. Through algorithmic processes, intricate embellishments and complex gradations in shape and colour are achieved. Utilising the multi-material printing capabilities of the Stratasys’ J850 printer, dynamic optical effects are created with the precise refraction of light through transparent structures.



Live Seminars: Colour Hive 2025 CMF Directions


Thanks to everyone who attended, it was standing room only for both of our 2025 CMF Directions seminars.

In case you missed it, you can preview our 2025 CMF Directions here.



Surface Design Show 2024


The Colour Hive team checked out all of the exhibitor stands and left with plenty of inspiration...



You'll find our report on the key material themes emerging from the show in the upcoming issue of MIX Magazine, published in March.



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