Colour Hive at Surface Design Show 2024

Our Materials Showcase


Colour Hive returns to Surface Design Show with a new Materials Showcase for 2025 and an immersive experience of Colour Hive membership. Our installation will feature exclusive future insights included in MIX Magazine, Colour Material and Finish Directions and Global Colours, alongside an edit of one-of-a-kind inspirational objects and materials.



Hack Inspired


This year’s Materials Showcase is inspired by the drivers behind our 2025 design direction Hack, featuring surfaces and projects included in MIX Magazine issue 73 and our 2025 Colour, Material and Finish Directions.

Our dedicated installation will feature otherworldly materials and objects that embody the themes central to this story, from digital collaboration and distorting perceptions to exploring the intersection of the physical and virtual.



 Our Participants Include:



Feeling inspired? We will be posting more about our Materials Showcase here and on Instagram over the next few weeks.



Live Seminars: Colour Hive 2025 CMF Directions


As well as our dedicated installation, Colour Hive's Creative Director Hannah Malein will be presenting a preview of our 2025 Colour, Material and Finish Directions.

Join us as we profile the influences driving consumer preferences and two focused design directions for the season. We’ll explore how these stories will emerge in design concepts and inform the creation of meaningful design for the decorative market.



As our lives are lived increasingly online, reality is in danger of becoming subjective. Our first direction Hack, questions how the snowballing of advancements in tech could impact creativity.



With an online art-driven aesthetic, Hack is informed by the Metaverse, gaming and AI. Blurring the line between the tangible and the virtual, there is a render-like quality to surfaces and finishes, unconventional materials are used to create outcomes of strange and unworldly beauty, and colours appear in real life like they would on-screen.



Our second Direction, Soul merges climate anxiety, nature symbolism, feminism and folklore to reaffirm culture and identity.

Researchers have been keen to quantify the health benefits of a more devotional connection to nature while highlighting intersections between feminism and eco-spirituality, tracing back to women’s historical role as nature protectors.



This direction also explores the symbolism and rituals associated with nature, folklore and ancient traditions, alluding to the significance of storytelling and environmental cautionary tales.



Visually, there is a bleak beauty to Soul, referencing hostile landscapes and ancient temperate forests. Traditional practices and craftsmanship are noted, in particular the use of local materials and sustainable methods that speak to a deep connection between the artisan and the land. Colour is an exercise in tonality, with a series of monochromatic neutrals softened by warm natural hues.



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Surface Design Show 2024
Business Design Centre, London
Colour Hive Seminars: Main Stage
Wednesday 7th February 2:30pm
Thursday 8th February 3:30pm

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Surface Design Show 2024: 6-8 February 2024
Business Design Centre, 52 Upper Street, London, N1 0QH


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