Surface and Material Directions

Introducing SS 2021: Reverie

Against a backdrop of #MeToo and the rise of dating by swipe, it’s fair to say that ideas around romance are not what they once were.

Yet the cyclical nature of trends dictates that when something has all but completely disappeared, it’s surely ripe for rediscovery and our SS 2021 design direction, Reverie embodies this notion. Supported by a pandemic lockdown influenced recognition of the need to connect on an intimate level, romance and abstraction are back on the agenda.



Romantic and dream-like, materials capture the ephemerally pretty and the sensual and are chosen for both appearance and sensory effect.

From this forecast, first published in MIX Magazine issue 56 and examined in more detail in our SS 2021 CMF forecast, we’re sharing two of the key material and surface focused Reverie directions.



Mother of pearl inspires with hard surfaces coated in pearlescent and iridescent lustre. Tiles and clear glass are a myriad of reflective colour with holographic glazes and opaline glass shifts from rosy tints to creamy whites that shimmer in the light to replicate nacreous material.



The Spectre tile collection by 41zero42 investigates the reactions of light through varied glaze applications. Capturing the spectrum of light through holographic finishes there's a pleasing visual rhythm in this regular placement.



These highly original glass sculptures by Hannah Hansdotter are the outcome of molten glass poured and blown into hexagonal moulds. Made from welded flat iron and piping, the moulds are arranged into patterns inspired by Western architecture and Islamic arabesque. Through a single blow, molten glass swells through the casing to create voluptuous vessels. Once cooled and polished the glass is fumed and mirrored into gradients of shimmering colour.



The Monti-IRI Taste Set by Daniele Semeraro is a myriad of colourful and reflective glass. Each hand blown piece is shaped for specific drinks and finished with a dichroic surface.


Shells and pearls

This mood of this story is expressed through decadent and romantic materials that occasionally veer dangerously close to kitsch. Capturing the ethereal and dreamy mood of Reverie, surfaces are encrusted, hyper-embellished and inlaid with shells and pearls.



The Exploring Eden Collection by British designer Bethan Gray and surface specialist Nature Squared is a series of decadent furniture pieces inlaid with disregarded materials from the seafood and farming industries. The collection features pearl, capiz, abalone, pen and scallop shells cut and inlaid by hand into resin to create unique surfaces.



Famed for their kitsch and feminine style, fashion label Shrimps observe the 'more is more' philosophy with accessories and bags, fully embellished with faux pearls and shell beading.



The Indulge collection of porcelain eating tools by Sarah-Linda Forrer is inspired by the tasting of an oyster. These delicate shapes are richly textured with shimmering nacreous glazes as an invitation to indulge.



Work with material and colour?

Further insight into material, surface and pattern directions for Reverie are featured in our SS 2021 CMF forecast.

Each design and colour forecasts in MIX Magazine is developed further in our bi-annual CMF forecast.

Both publications are included in Colour Hive membership. Each forecast features material palettes and concepts illustrated with more than 250 fully credited directional images.

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