Material Directions: SS 2023




The pandemic saw an increase in forced self-awareness and a heightened preoccupation with wellbeing. Here, we focus on Sleep, no longer a guilty indulgence but more an aspect of self-care.

We’ve previously explored the reframing of rituals (in our AW 2020/21 forecast), for this season however, the focus shifts to how rest will manifest within our revised routines post-pandemic.

Structures of recuperation have become increasingly personalised, so sleep doesn’t necessarily need to be a deep lack of consciousness, but rather a dedicated period of relaxation time.

Finding the harmony between what we can control and what we can’t; the transition from dawn to dusk provides a circadian framework for daily comfort and reassurance. Feminine motifs and delicate tactility are integral to this vision of restful intervals. Despite a focus on materiality, this story is mindful of function.

Sleep was first published in MIX Magazine issue 64, and the following material and surface directions explored in more detail in our SS 2023 Global CMF Forecast.





Soporific markings capture a sense of drowsy hypnosis, reflecting Sleep’s affinity with circadian rhythms. Patterns avoid repetition, following their own unique passage, as seen above in the Boulder Table by Dirk van der Kooij.



In embroidered interiors Nya Nordiska utilise recycled PET yarn to form winding pathways, and flowing motifs are heightened by undulating surfaces working on both hard and soft materiality.



Zephyr Light



Sheer material directions in Home (AW 2022/23) develop as hard and soft materials are caught in motion with a subtle sheen. This effect is demonstrated in low resolution 3D printing techniques utilising recycled plastics by Kooij to create rippled lighting fixtures.



In fashion, transparency mimics rhythms of sleep through flowing fabrics, as seen in Dior’s Haute Couture.



Kuo Duo’s unique bookends are also encased in gauzy fabric to challenge preconceptions of functionality.



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Image credits from top:

Kooij | Meltingpot table detail | Recycled plastic; nya nordiska | Malene CS | 45% polyester (recycled) Trevira CS, 55% polyester Trevira CS; Laura Lukas | Idleness | Scagliola | Photo Laura Lukas; Kooij | Fresnel Lamps | Extruded recycled plastic; Dior | Haute Couture, AW 2021-22; Kuo Duo | Peace Piece | Clay resin, acrylic, topcoat | Photo MH Photography; Marc Fish | Ethereal Series | Photo Simon Eldon