CMF Directions AW 2023/24

Colour, Material and Finish 


Our latest directions for AW 2023/24 feature diverse CMF palettes for 1969, Soon, Heartbreaker and Find.





1969 celebrates the arts as a channel for positive activism.

One aspect sees pattern and colour informed by late 60’s psychedelia. The visual trumps the tactile in experimental mixes of size and scale of pattern.







The imminent reality of climate change sees material directions informed by harsh environments in Soon.

The physical effects of heat inspire with sun-bleached, salinated and scorched effects while the vastness of the theme is reflected in topographical patterns.






While this is a story about how structure informs beauty, Heartbreaker also looks to broader themes around control and risk aversion.

In Heartbreaker there is a conscious yet effortless luxury in materials. And while many references are traditional, pattern directions look to more technical practices through laser cutting and sculptural engineering.






Find suggests a dystopian take on the future. With no virgin materials, everything must be extracted from the ruins and relics of former objects.

There’s a haphazard, unconsidered charm in the visual identity as materials are mined from the Anthropocene age and waste becomes a resource rather than a liability.




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