Surface and Design Directions

Introducing SS 2021: Clarity

As unpolluted air and water become increasingly scarce, Clarity finds inspiration in more radical and creative approaches to environmental responsibility.

This material palette is a breath of fresh air, with pure, clean and future-thinking surfaces and materials, all chosen for their integrity. 

The following two material and surface directions are explored in more detail in our SS 2021 CMF forecast.



Ripple Effect

Solid surfaces ripple, ebb and flow mimicking the ephemeral quality of water. From porcelain and stone to textiles and upholstery, the nature of water is a key surface and pattern direction, recreating both its traces and movement.



The Lydn platter designed by Thomas Coward for New Volumes by Artedomus pushes the boundaries of natural Elba stone. The exaggerated, smooth ripples capture the fluidity of water in a static material.



The Eye Rug suggests an immersive waterscape in a palette of cool blue hues. Hand tufted and over-tufted using a blend of natural wool and botanical silk fibres, this piece is by Rug'Society 



Jiali Huang's graduate collection observes movements on the surface of water with a minimalism evocative of the Japanese Wabi-sabi aesthetic. In ceramic tableware, Huang realises the curves and undulations of a ripple into a static product to express ideas around impermanence. 



Material Focus 



In Context: Reflected Light

Surfaces that capture light reference the pure aesthetic of Clarity in forecasted hues, Paper, Clean Air and Ice Blue



The CC FLO wall panels by Alissa + Nienke in collaboration with Atelier Mats  Anne take inspiration from tufts of little clouds ( Circcocumulus Floccus). Responsive to air, even the slightest breeze triggers mesmerising movement. Made from printed PVC film circles, a modular design gently glows as the translucent blue hues shift in response to air and light. 



Moyo fabric by Kinnasand evokes transitioning light and shadow through v-shaped lines in subtle, interchanging hues. When draped, the three dimensionality of the pattern and near absence of colour creates a harmonious rhythm, capturing the weightless purity of natural light. 



Taking inspiration from the dancing lights of the Aurora Borealis, the Auro mirror pendant lamp by Di Classe shimmers as it refracts light. Delicately contoured, sheets of PET film processed with metal create a highly reflective shell that glistens in transitioning and translucent colours.



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Image Credits from top:

Di Classe © Colour Hive | MIX Images © Colour Hive | Thomas Coward in collaboration with Artedomus photo: Sean Fennessy | Rug'Society | Jiali Huang photo: ZeHua Wang | Joshua Kerley Photo: Guy Marshall-Brown | © Colour Hive | Alissa + Nienke x Atelier Mats . Anne Photo: Ronald Smits | Kinnasand | Di Classe