Introducing Continuity Colours

Seismic events call for a fundamental rethink of even basic tenets; this has led Colour Hive to a new colour strategy.

As colour forecasters, we consider not only the ways that Covid-19 will shape consumer preferences, but also the effect on product development and stock management for the designers and developers who use our forecasts.

Colour forecasting, like all consumerism, is based on a principle of newness and novelty. Yet, all too often, this isn’t reflected in the more organic process of building colour collections that we see in product development around the world. Invariably, this means adding to a stock collection of colours, updating, curating, discarding and most importantly preserving season by season.



The addition of continuity colours to our forecast, we believe, is the way to address this issue. There are other cogent reasons for adopting the idea of continuity colours too, not least that the growing consumer demand for sustainability makes this model a less transient approach to colour, more in keeping with current and future thinking.

Aesthetically, there’s common sense at play; why abandon a colour that clearly has more longevity and works brilliantly with other parts of a palette just because people have seen it before? Consumers certainly don’t, as the undiminished love for Millennial Pink ably attests.

For these reasons, we will be approaching future seasons with a forecast of not only new colours to develop, but also the colours we suggest continuing. In different contexts and combinations, new stories and applications, we’ll illustrate how continuity colours can be refreshed and reimagined

On a wholly logistical level too, continuity of colour in product development is critical in this highly uncertain trading environment where buying plans have been completely upended.

Supporting industry is our highest priority, and we hope that our continuity colours will further enable creative, sustainable and commercial colour choices in these difficult times.

From the previous season SS 2022, we have identified ten colours that should be included in the AW 2022/23 forecast; these include Honeycomb, Nettle and Cedar Pink.


Nettle: A deep yellowed green. First forecast SS 2022 Custodian, MIX issue 61)

Honeycomb: A shaded golden yellow. First forecast SS 2022 Goddess (MIX issue 61)

Cedar Pink: A soft yellow cast pink. First forecast SS 2022 Goddess (MIX issue 61)


This post is an extract from 'Introducing Continuity Colours' MIX issue 62.

The full range of ten continuity colours are referenced to the closest Pantone, NCS and RAL, plus RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX breakdowns in MIX issue 62.

Out on 14th December 2020 as part of Colour Hive membership.