Surface and Design Directions

SS 2021: Reverie

In our previous Materiality post we talked about materials capturing the idea of romance, the ephemerally pretty and how surfaces are being chosen for both appearance and their sensory effect.

In this post we explore how Reverie's dream-like appeal plays out through two more key surface and material directions.

Reverie was first published in MIX Magazine issue 56 and examined in more detail in our SS 2021 CMF forecast.


Fluid made solid

There is serendipity in the free-flowing nature of fabric, and this is now being achieved in ordinarily solid surfaces as they capture the ephemeral. Glass is swirled, twisted and curved, wood is undulated, and ceramics appear ruched and gathered. As a result, these solid forms are softened as they follow the fluidity of drapery.



Of Movement and Material by Philipp Weber for ANALOG addresses the way in which the human body and an amorphous substance such as glass influence each other. During the glass blowing process the heated material is swirled, folded and twisted. Each individual curvature captured, expresses the rhythmic interplay between maker and material.



The Jumony vase collection by Extra&ordinary Design is inspired by the ruched and ruffled fabric elements found in traditional Korean garments and accessories. The vases form is intended to evoke the feminine elegance that is explored through these traditional fabric techniques. Draped and gathered, these vases mimic the delicacy in textile manipulation.


Transitional darks

Dark and intense, an analogous grouping of midnight blue through to rich purples create an intriguing interplay when used together. As one gradates into the next, surfaces appear to be distorted and hazy. Tiles, vessels, vases and digital renders appear dramatic and immersive as these darker hues subtly shift and shimmer into one another.



The Implicit Surfaces series by product designer, Audrey Large is a collection of otherworldly entities 3D printed with thermoplastics. Digitally hand-sketched, then printed these amorphous vessels shimmer with dark iridescence, distorting what we perceive as digital and physical.



Designer Melanie Abrantes limited edition of hand-dyed vases are made from a solid piece of hardwood maple, that is lathed, carved and dyed. Through a unique process, the dye separates and pigments of varying colours from dark blue through to purples organically travel through the water. The outcome, surfaces obtain an unexpected and hazy interplay as each colour gradates into one another.



Work with material and colour?

Further insight into material, surface and pattern directions for Reverie are featured in our SS 2021 CMF forecast.


The design and colour forecasts in MIX Magazine are developed with an in-depth exploration of materials and application in our bi-annual CMF forecast.


Both publications are included in Colour Hive membership. Each forecast features material palettes and concepts illustrated with more than 250 fully credited directional images.



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