Colour Directions 2024/25: Plant

The power of plants is captured in a succulent palette of verdant greens fused with intense colour complements that equally thrill and unsettle.

Mangrove and Honeydew anchor and lift respectively, while Mantis and Acid Lime are intensely verdant. Satsuma, Vermillion and Night Lilac take bold complementary roles while Riverweed delivers welcome neutrality.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 71 and explored in more detail in our 2024/25 CMF Directions.


Femke Thijs | Labyrinth Garden Screaming Flowers | Hair Roger Cho | MUA Lamia Bernad | Photo An-Hao Chang


Clashing Tones

With high saturation and clarity, a double helping of greens Acid Lime and Mantis with complementary orange Satsuma and warm red Vermillion create a deliciously unsettling combination.



Outcomes include surreal gradients in textiles and glass and live edges in decorative accessories.


Touchable | Blossom chair | Image courtesy of Slow Hand Design Thailand 2023 by DITP


Artificial Light


Clara Schweers | Enduring Fantasy earcuffs


A tonal layer of Honeydew and Riverweed are a subtle backdrop to the lively complementary duo Acid Lime and Night Lilac.



The airy and almost artificial aesthetic is perfectly expressed in contemporary furniture, glass jewellery and art objects.


Draga & Aurel | Ray lamp, Tito armchair


Intensely Green


Koos Breen | LI-T II


The power of plants is captured in this combination of verdant yellow-greens.



From deep Mangrove through succulent Mantis to zingy Acid Lime, applications favour intense gradients and blends in statement pieces from furniture to small accessories.


Guillaume Credoz | Post Industrial Crafts | Wood slab bench | Photo Anwyn Howarth


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