Colour at Milan Design Week 2024: SOON

First forecast in MIX 66, the developing commerciality of the SOON (2023/24) palette was evident at this year’s Milan Design Week.



Applications of yellows across products were notable, with warm golden hues achieving an almost neutral status and bold primary yellows serving as key accents.


Thomas VINCENT for BANG | Collection Lop


Interestingly, despite yellow’s historical reputation as one of the least-favoured colours, this colour family is proving to be a mainstay in design collections.


Wknd Lab | Paper Stratum | Photo OA23 studio


The longevity and evolution of the yellow family is explored in our forecasts for 2025 and beyond.


Yiannis Ghikas for Miniforms | Soda Oval


To see the key colours and combinations for SOON at Milan Design Week 2024, download the report below… 



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