SS 2022 CMF Forecast

Surface and materials in depth

How surfaces and materials work in partnership with colour to create new design outcomes is integral to our forecasting.

Each season we develop our published design directions with an in-depth colour, material and finish (CMF) forecast.

Our latest forecast for SS 2022 features diverse CMF directions for the Awkward, Wasteland, Custodian and Goddess stories.



In this forecast

We give the context for the directions with insight into the underlying drivers of customer preferences and behaviours.

Covering the big picture influences in culture, technology, the environment, economics and politics that resonate globally and in turn form the foundation of our design directions.

In this forecast, we outline some of the complex and often contradictory responses to Covid-19; from craving nature to isolation driven collectivism, the role of experts in a health focused era and a reappraisal of luxury.



To start your conversation in product development and range building, each colour palette is expanded into balanced colour proportions and combinations across two, three and four colourways. 



Each design direction is carefully explored in material, pattern, colour and finish focused sections for inspiration, design, product development and styling. 

In Custodian, where prevailing themes of protection and preservation are of note, we feature innovative projects where processes and materials tread lightly on the environment and outcomes in print and pattern are inspired by a respect for the cycles and rhythms of nature



Taking design directions successfully from concept to realisation owes much to good storytelling. Through colour, material and finish we aim to bring our readers a compelling narrative, one that not only inspires, but makes sense.

One aspect of Custodian is achieving harmony between coarse materials and refined surfaces with subtle colour interplays



Our palettes are informed by an in-depth understanding of how and why colour families evolve.

For each season we identify the macro colour directions for the season alongside important colour groups and families.


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The standards for all colours are referenced to the closest Pantone, NCS, RAL, plus RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX breakdowns and supplied digitally.




Image Credits from top:

Rive Roshan in collaboration with Sandhelden, photo: Ronald Smits © Colour Hive | © Colour Hive | Svalbard Global Seed Vault, photo: Matthias Heyde |Tzuyu Chen | © Colour Hive | Yuli Meroz, ­photo: Yossi Roth | Vollebak, photo: Sun Lee | Studio Sarmite, photo: Sarmite Polakova | Anubha Sood | WAX Atelier | RR Interieur in collaboration with Jean Philippe Demeyer, photo: Cafeine | Nobilis | ZigZagZurich | Mylene Spencer for CHACCRA | Mami Kato, photo: KeneK photography, Wexler Gallery | MIX Images © Colour Hive | Studiograma, photo: Julio Feroz | MIX Images © Colour Hive | Harmony Textile | Jorge Pensi for Viccarbe | Paul Smith for Maharam | MIX Images © Colour Hive