RCA: Work in progress part two

Student focus

We wanted to share some of our favourite material and colour explorations from the students’ work exhibited at the Royal College of Art work-in-progress shows.


Colour and material disturbance

MA textiles student Shu Ran Wang’s colour and material combinations were of particular note. We appreciated how the contrasting lilac purple and orange featured in her ceramic and textile mixed media pieces felt simultaneously uplifting and yet slightly disturbing.

Digital craft

MA Design Products’ Heleen Sintobin explores the merging of digital processes with traditional craft. Using CNC technology, wet moulding and hand stitching techniques, she creates beautiful leather volumes that appear twisted or collapsed. The illusory effect highlights the innovation in use of a traditional material.


Image credits: Heleen Sintobin | Shu Ran Wang | Huanlin Wang | Heleen Sintobin