Materials spotlight: Bentu

Lessons in Ceramics

One of the best parts of curating materials collections for events such as Surface Design Show is the opportunity to showcase exciting and innovative designers.
This year the theme of One of a Kind focused on a kinder approach to design leading us to materials with real stories to tell.


Chaozhou, China is notable as the largest daily use ceramics production base supplying a staggering 70% of the total ceramic commodities of the world.


The dark side

The global consumer appetite for ceramics that drives this city has a darker side; dust pollution, irresponsible disposal and excess production of a product that is challenging to re-use.


Objects & awareness

Designers at Bentu believe that desire is out of control, and through their WRECK project they aim to not only recycle the wasted ceramics into new objects but also raise awareness in the process.


Bentu are featured designers in our SS 2020 CMF Forecast now available as part of Colour Hive Membership.

Image Credits: Bentu Design