RCA: Work in progress

Beauty from waste

The Work-in-progress show at the Royal College of Art is an opportunity to see at first-hand what’s inspiring the next generation of designers.



Research & development

Most notable was the focus on material research and development, in particular and perhaps slightly surprisingly in the MA Design Products, which feels significant. Young designers are paving the way to a more sustainable, less wasteful future from the earliest stages of conception.


Industrial waste in function

One of our stand-out presentations is a collaborative project by Kevin Rouff, Luis Paco, Guille Whittembury and Joris Olderikkert. As R.E.D. (Residue Engineering Design) they set out to turn bauxite residue, a waste material from the aluminia industry, into vessels, glazes, and even bricks. Working with factories, research labs and ceramicists, through this project they are giving a second life to this industrial waste. We’re looking forward to seeing their final products as they continue to explore how to turn this red mud into objects of function and beauty.