Colour Directions 2025: LAND

Epic landscapes are expressed in a palette built around tints and tones of nature’s reds and greens. Deep Chestnut, soft pink Calamine and vivid Firebush are balanced with muted greens from pale Pampas through Continuity Colour, Riverweed and dark Wildwood. Big Sky blue and rich Amber yellow accent and amplify the bold aesthetic of this story.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 72 and explored in more detail in our 2025 CMF Directions.


Marimekko | Pre-fall 2023 homeware


Bold Contrasts

At the centre of this bold combination is red Firebush and its shaded tonal partner Chestnut. With the addition of red-cast blue Big Sky and yellow-green Pampas, the suggestion of a split complementary harmony emerges.



The classic pairing of red and blue is nuanced with the addition of the almost neutral green and an anchoring deep red in this dynamic yet versatile scheme.


Gigacer Spa | Le Corbusier LCS Ceramics collection | Porcelain stoneware


Warm Layers


Lamunlamai. Craftstudio | The Breakfast Club Gathering collection | Stylist #Phustylist | Photo Ohm Anawat


Yellow-cast shaded red Chestnut and its light tonal counterpart Calamine are a soothing backdrop to a saturated duo of red Firebush and red-cast yellow Amber.



Showcasing the diversity of red-yellow hues, the eclectic feel of the combination is nonetheless harmonious. These qualities play well in curated collections and statement interior schemes.


Donna Wilson for SCP | Macduff three-seat sofa | Photo


Nature’s Greens


J.rgen Tycho & Ksenia Stanishevski | Volver Studios | Aja | Pan Rug collection | Hand-tufted in NZ wool and bamboo viscose, hand-carved | Photo Vanja Foss, Shoots Oslo


In a celebration of nature’s greens, tonal yellow-cast duo Pampas and Wildwood are combined with the more subdued Riverweed.



The familiar feel and commerciality of this group owes everything to a continuing affection for natural greens, whether biophilic or mineral. Instinctive applications include interiors, home accessories and textiles.


Dawid Konieczny Interiors | Grzybowska Apartments, Warsaw | Photo Oni Studio


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