MIX Magazine Issue 76 | 2026 Part One

In this issue…


While aesthetic expressions frequently change, some macro drivers are refusing to shift. A pervading absolutism, the endless round of demands to take sides, refuse all compromises. There are opposites in everything, nothing in between, no moderation.



While at first glance SIN would seem to be more extremist, this story is actually anything but.


Middernacht & Alexander | How I Got Over Carmine Soprano table | Baranzate Ateliers 2024


Instead, it is a reaction to all this polarisation, a rejection of new puritanism and mindless orthodoxy.



Hope is embodied in our second story, MOON. The idea of a shared global experience celebrating the first manned mission to the Moon since the original landing in 1969 is seductive.


Lucy Aboonour | Hestia, Antarctica 


While acknowledging the dangers of exploiting other planets, and the exclusive and ruinously expensive cost of space travel, there is still something inspiring about the freedom from boundaries in space, declared by the United Nations as a province for all mankind.



Finally, in this issue you’ll find our largest Milan Design Week review to date with in-depth analysis of themes, palettes, surfaces and materials. And our food and kitchens focus looks both at the future of feeding the world and the visual drivers inspiring new kitchen design and appliances.


Also, in this issue


  • Features essays, and interviews exploring the drivers behind the 2026 forecast.
  • 40 pages of design and colour and material direction and analysis.
  • Global colour palettes and geographic variances for Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand.
  • Continuity Colours for 2026.
  • Early adopters of our 2024/25 directions LAND and SOUL in retail, kitchens, bathrooms, furniture, fashion, textiles and accessories.
  • Focus on Milan Design Week and Food & Kitchens.


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