Colour Directions 2024: Memory

Comforting and wistful with layers of shadowy warmth.

Blues are tinged with red in Rainwater, Twilight, and Crow, with complementing notes of yellow in  GildedLamplight and Brown Paper. Ash Mauve bridges the group while Chestnut delivers a rich, grounding anchor.

The lack of definition feels soft and almost compassionate in its approach.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 68 and explored in more detail in our 2024 CMF Directions.



Fleeting Moments


The complementary play of purple and yellow combined with varied levels of tint and tone creates a delicate and harmonious combination.



Sharing a red-blue composition, Rainwater and Ash Mauve present as a tonal pair, while the duo of warm Brown Paper and cool Lamplight add interest. Ideal outcomes can be seen in print and decorative surfaces.



Shadow Play



Tiptoeing through tint and tone in an analogous blue to red series is pleasingly immersive.



Purples build from delicate Rainwater through saturated Twilight and into the inky blue-black Crow. Smoky Ash Mauve is the bridge into the warm saturated red Chestnut. Colours are layered or blended for optimal effect in textiles, wallcoverings and solid surfaces.



Golden Age



Heavily saturated with a touch of shade, Gilded is the hero. Brown Paper functions as a comforting warm neutral while tinted Lamplight adds an ethereal glow.



A contrast of cool and warm yellows delivers a clever combination in fashion and textiles and the golden aesthetic makes for elegant interior applications.



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Image credits from top: Federico Pazienza Studio | Memory Pulse, tapestry | 100% PA, cut-pile carpet | Photo Aldwin van Krimpen; Yanyi Ha for ZigZagZurich | Coexistence | Wool & Bamboo Silk Rug; AB Concept | Calico Wallpaper | Tableau wallpaper collection | Custom printed panels | Photo courtesy of Calico and AB Concept; Jiyong Kim | AW 2022 collection | Sun-bleached garments | Photo @trekoch; Élitis | Moire collection | Mirage textile wallcovering; Vezzini & Chen | Evolve | Glass, porcelain, brushed brass