Colour Directions 2024/25: Plain

An undulating palette of natural red and yellow based hues in varying proportions and weights is designed to create a sense of both substance and space.

Predominantly warm and with restrained saturation, the palette makes for failsafe harmonies and elegant contrasts. While this is not a palette for complex interactions, there are statements to be made.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 71 and explored in more detail in our 2024/25 CMF Directions.


Nadia Yaron | Totemic carved natural stone | Photo Elizabeth Carababas


Double Duo

Duo tones yellow-based Sable & Ever Grey and red-based Bistre & Chestnut meet here in a powerful combination occurring naturally in ornamental marble.



Inherently harmonious and featuring different weights of colour makes this group ideal for curated collections of singular objects.


Destroyers Builders | Windows of Bo Bardi | Photo Eline Willaert


Elegant Organics


Zegna | FW 2021 menswear collection


Playing with tint and tone and saturation from a singular yellow-red hue creates a combination with an elegant organic feel.



Warm neutral Fleece, a more saturated Dune and a shaded counterpart, Buckskin can be seen reflected in rosso marble, natural woods and woven textiles in effortlessly luxurious outcomes.


Nicolò Corradi for Serafini | Shān console | Rosso Alicante marble


Fine Balance


Raphael Navot | Le 39V Restaurant, Paris | Photo Yann Deret, courtesy of Maison et Objet 


The palest colours of the palette come together in a warm and cool group. The yellow undertones of Fleece and Ever Grey are complemented by the purple-cast Raincloud evoking combinations found naturally in stone and marble.



Applications in highly textured upholstery textiles and engineered surfaces create calming environments in home and hospitality spaces.


Luce di Carrara | Strings | Essential collection | Embellished marble


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