Colour Directions 2024/25: Grain

Familiarity is baked into the Grain palette and pays homage to the pigments used to create natural dyes. Featuring a subtle primary colour harmony of red, yellow and blue, there’s a feeling of authenticity to the palette.

This largely warm palette with strong natural and agricultural undertones makes for easy colour layers and comfortable contrasts.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 70 and explored in more detail in our 2024/25 CMF Directions.



Rustic Range


The transitioning flow of Wheat, Gamboge and Sumac delivers a rich, sun-baked agricultural feel. Muted Ash Mauve subtly complements the yellow elements and adds complexity to the combination.



Product applications have a rustic aesthetic, from naturally dyed materials to artisanal weaves.



Feeling Blue



The warm off-white Calico with a duo tone of bold Woad Blue and deep Marine creates a reassuringly familiar combination.



With soft graphic contrast and tonal layers of a well-loved hue, applications in print and pattern across sectors are a natural fit.




Muted Mono



A soft monochrome pairing of Soot and Calico is nuanced with the addition of smoky Ash Mauve.



An organic yet sophisticated aesthetic emerges with what appears to be serendipitous surface outcomes in textiles and elevated takes on artisanal pattern.



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Image credits from top: Lewis Duckworth | If a tree falls… | Photo Iris Rijskamp; Dorothy Wirritjwirritj | Koskela in collaboration with Elcho Island Arts | Yuta Badayala Pendant; IRENISA SS 2023 collection | Art Director Must Shiraishi | Artwork Aiko Tezuka | Photo Yuji Fukuhara; Vezzini & Chen | Forget Me Not wall light; Maria Alejandra Torres | Dividivi; Souvenir x Vir.n | ‘Feed Your Thoughts’ hoodie