Colour Directions AW 2023/24: Soon

The heat of the sun and it’s drying effects underscore a palette of two warming halves. Yellow-white Lunar, Absolute Yellow, Golden Ground and Sun Halo glow with radiating levels of yellow and red in contrast to the dried, desaturated yellow greens of Dewdrop, Celadon and Grassland and the dramatic black of Charcoal. The varied tint, tone and saturation levels of singular hues support interesting yet comfortable combinations.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 66, and explored in more detail in our AW 2023/24 CMF Directions.



Warm Glow


In yellows that tip toward red, a sequence of intensifying hues creates a sunray effect. Transitioning from pale Lunar to clean Sun Halo and saturated Absolute Yellow, the group is anchored by rich Golden Ground.



Warm tonal layers are a mainstay in domestic and contract interiors and homeware, and the familiar nature of yellow makes this combination applicable across industries.



Dried Greens



There’s an easy familiarity in the desaturated natural green of Continuity Colour Celadon. In this combination, the addition of the more saturated and yellower Grassland, and the cleaner, lighter Dewdrop strengthens a key colour message.



Notable applications are in home textiles, accessories, and art objects.






The graphic quality of sunlight and harsh shadows create a powerful narrative and colour statement.



With the dramatic black of Charcoal anchoring an intense combination of the red-yellow duo tones pale Sun Halo and rich Golden Ground this striking combination is a natural fit for fashion and home accessories.



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Image credits from top:

Corrie Williamson | Form Mobile | Mixed salvaged woods, brass | Photo Beth Davies; © Colour Hive; Bibi Smit | Folded Form | Blown glass | Photo Tom Haartsen; INDO- | Pilar Credenza | Crema marfil marble, dip-dyed maple in celadon green ombre; © Colour Hive; Villa Nova x Kyra Cane | Sgra¡to wallcovering in celadon; Roxane Lahidji | Keplar lamp planet | Sea salt, organic binders, epoxy finish; © Colour Hive; Zegna | A Path Worth Taking | FW 2022