Colour Directions AW 2023/24: 1969

Influenced by the colours of an era seen through the diffusing filter of old photo film stock; A trio of distinct blues; Marine, True Turquoise and Blue Sky are complemented by a bold orange, Persimmon. The rich purple Byzantium and shaded Mulberry find complementary counterpoints in the yellow cast of Olivine and Camomile.

First published in MIX Magazine issue 66, and explored in more detail in our AW 2023/24 CMF Directions.



Retro Nature


Paying tribute to the enduring US favourite colour combination affectionately known as Peas, Carrots and Corn, this combination of earthy orange Persimmon, yellow green Olivine and yellow Camomile has an easy retro vibe. The addition of deep, blue-cast red Mulberry brings a sophisticated grounding note to create a homage rather than pastiche scheme.



The era familiarity makes this a good fit for fashion and home interiors.



Purple Harmony



Naturally harmonious with a retro mood, a purple duo tone of Mulberry and Byzantium are lifted with the complementary yellow of Camomile.



While the light, green-cast yellow can be expressed more broadly through natural, undyed materials and pale gold metal, the purple makes a definitive colour statement and creates the narrative.



Complementing the Blues



The 1969 palette is built around a strong trio of blues. Here, the building layers of Blue Sky, True Turquoise and Marine are enhanced by a complementary note of orange Persimmon.



While this is a familiar colour harmony, the intensity of the hues suggests applications in statement art objects and furniture in addition to fashion, and decorative accessories.



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