• Issue 74 | 2025/26 Part One
  • Issue 74 | 2025/26 Part One
  • Issue 74 | 2025/26 Part One
  • Issue 74 | 2025/26 Part One

Issue 74 | 2025/26 Part One

With unsettling global drivers, we introduce two thought-provoking design directions. We also take a cold, hard (and warm soft) look at the metal directions at the core of both stories.

Money is very much the overarching theme of this issue. When we last covered this subject, there was a more playful approach, a tongue in cheek celebration of all that was excessive.

There’s a clear change in mood music here, with less shouting about wealth in general. Instead, extreme levels of inequality see the rich quietly pursuing ever-greater levels of protection and exclusivity. It is these drivers and responses that we explore in Pay.

In contrast, Chance considers less exploitative ways to fortune, breaking free from the algorithms and turning to the romance of the unexpected, the lightbulb moment of creation and the importance of failure in the artistic process.

Also, in this issue

– Features essays, and interviews exploring the drivers behind the 2025/26 forecast.

– 40 pages of design and colour and material direction and analysis.

– Global colour palettes and geographic variances for Europe, Middle East, Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand.

– Continuity Colours for 2025/26

– Early adopters of our 2024/25 directions Grain and Mine in retail, interiors, furniture, fashion , textiles and accessories.

– Directions Dutch Design Week and Cersaie.

– Focus on Surfaces

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