Notes on colour: Cosmetic Neutrals

SS 2020 sees a shift in neutrals evocative of cosmetic palettes.

From extreme contouring, experimental MUA’s and the rise of perfecting filters, our increasingly digital landscape is redefining our notion of self and beauty.


New neutrals

So, what does this mean for colour trajectories? Influenced by makeup palettes, a cosmetic neutral group is emerging; with warmer and rosy undertones this is a colour direction with a distinctly human aesthetic.


Soft touch matt

Theres an added sensorial element when these hues are paired with soft-touch matt finishes from silicone to latex and chalked coatings. Of note are Scandinavian brand Menu’s silicone salt & pepper grinders in clay pink and soft peach.


Family grouping

A natural evolution of the infamous Hygge aesthetic, the harmonious aesthetic of these neutrals brings separate objects together in comforting family groups. Swedish brand, Cooee Design feature a clan of ceramic vessels in cosmetic hues, whilst Nordic brand Bloomingville echoes the mood with sustainable bamboo JAVA tableware, both with a perfectly powdered finish.


Gloss touch

An alternative look sees these beauty inspired neutrals in shiny finishes. Peach coloured plant pots are bathed in gloss glazes by Bergs Potter whilst Tel Aviv based studio, abS Objects opts for a collective of simplistic and almost human-like ceramic vessels in tonal rose-tinted neutrals finished with a soft shine.


Merge and recede

Cosmetic neutrals gently blend and morph into one another in translucent and transparent effects. With natural outcomes in glass, these surfaces play with shadow and density. The distinctive flowing surface structure of this BROKIS piece explores layering and merging of transparent through to opaque glass shards in peachy warm hues through to enamel white.



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