Colour Directions 2025: SOUL

Continuing our explorations in neutrality and tonality, the narrative of SOUL is conveyed in a quietly expressive palette of warm desaturated hues, punctuated with natural graphic and saturated accents. 

SOUL was first published in MIX Magazine issue 72, and the following material, pattern and finish directions are explored in more detail in our 2025 CMF Directions.


Kelly Wearstler x Serax | Zuma collection


Crafted Depths


Showcasing the most saturated elements of the SOUL palette, a neutral tonal pair of soft black Soot and deep grey Jackdaw is offset by the intense warmth of Cinnabar and softened by the easy yellow neutral, Hemp.



While this is a combination with an undeniably natural and crafted aesthetic, the depth of colour brings an element of luxury and drama to any application.


Acne Studios | AW 2022 campaign | Photo Paul Kooiker


Naturally Graphic


Lydia Hardwick | Glazed plate | Flecked stoneware clay, stained clay inlay, brush-stippling with black slip 

Against a gentle monochrome of soft, black Soot and nuanced white Bone, the warm neutral Calico feels almost rich in comparison.



There is nothing harsh about this graphic group, lending itself to application in natural materials decorated with naïve techniques. The soft simplicity of the colours serves to accentuate the beauty of freehand embellishment.


Adrian Pepe | Entangled Matters exhibition, 2020


Nearly Neutral


MOCK STUDIO | Miter side tables | Miter series | Mappa burl veneer, acrylic sheet, beetroot stained walnut, aluminum | Photo Sean Davidson


A diverse collection of tinted and toned yellows ranges from lightest Bone through soft Calico, mid-tone Hemp and desaturated Bracken. A single accent of yellow-cast red Cinnabar creates a focal point while maintaining the wholly nature-inspired aesthetic.



With decorative craft an inspiration, these are colours that feel integral to the material outcome.


Oio x Space10 | Products of Place | Kaunas ceramic waste plate | AI-powered design process


Shadow Play


Alex Marco & Haizea Nájera for Allca Rugs | S-8 Rug | 100% hand-woven recycled polyester, digital print | Photo Alex Marco


Shadowy layers emerge from a neutral tonal pair of soft black Soot and dark grey Jackdaw with warm mid-tone Ever Grey. Neither cool nor harsh, this is a greyscale designed to comfort.



Natural applications are ceramics and textiles where the inherent subtlety of texture enhances the diffused colour aesthetic.


Álvaro Catalán de Ocón | Ceramics Cu | Ceramics, copper, silica | Photo Teresa Piensos Gomez


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