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Colour Material Finish Directions AW 2023/24

Inspiring concepts, intelligent analysis and beautiful design.

This download includes the CMF Directions for Soon, one of our four design directions for AW 2023/24.

The imminent reality of climate change sees material directions informed by harsh environments in Soon. The physical effects of heat inspire with sun-bleached, salinated and scorched effects while the vastness of the theme is reflected in topographical patterns.

An extract from our CMF Directions AW 2023/24

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The complete CMF Directions includes:

OVERVIEWS | Outlines of the global drivers for each design direction with key concepts and mood boards.

COLOUR PALETTES | Each design direction has a palette of eight colours, an analysis of structure and composition and palette building with proportions. MIX colours are referenced to closest PANTONE® TPG, NCS – Natural Colour System® and RAL Design colours, plus RGB, LAB and CMYK breakdowns and HEX codes.

CMF DIRECTIONS | 48 CMF directions featuring material, pattern, colour and finish for the season. Each CMF direction is explored with editorial copy and fully credited high-quality images.

FOCUS | For each of the 48 CMF Directions, a focus on a key project or designer.

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