Surface Spotlight SS 2020: Total Blackout

 The power of colour to convey a mood is evident in this single hue. 

Ubiquitous by nature, the colour black is an exercise in polarisation and utility, simultaneously reflected in fashion, politics, sex, piety and death to name a few.
As we track a rise in the popularity of black heading into SS 2020 we observe the multiple application possibilities for surface and material finish.


Black on Black

Studio Irvine’s recent tile collection, designed by Marialaura Rossiello, P-Saico embraces this single darkest value. Black porcelain fragments are assembled in continuous irregularity with a tonally dark, coal grout. This fresh take on mosaic feels playfully immersive in its black-on-black and regular yet random aesthetic.


 Illusory darks

Joel Escalona has created his first collectible design collection, Law of Motion exclusively for Breuer. This collection explores concepts of gravity, force and movement through design. The Movement Table and Mirror distort perception through the illusory qualities of black. From afar the aesthetic is one of strength and solidity, yet on closer inspection the linear structures in matt black finish speak to a sense of motion.



Gloss and liquid finishes intrigue as a single dark tone allows the material to take centre stage. There is suggestion of movement and implied sensuality in this ‘wet-look’ aesthetic. Of note Float Glass Design’s silky bubbled glass appears molten whilst sleek gloss black tiles by Theia dramatically reflect light with this high-shine finish.


Black iridescence

The Indulge Collection by Sarah-Linda Forrer follows suit with sensual eating tools that break dining taboos. Inspired by the oyster, delicate and organic porcelain forms invite the user to indulge and immerse themselves into the dining experience. The tableware collection is  coated in an array of  luxurious glaze options, our favourite; a deep black iridescent glaze.


Nestled darks

Metamorphosis of post-industrial trash are embodied in a family of experimental objects and sculptures for interior decoration. Exhibited as part of Prostir 86’s Creative Ukraine: MODERN_ISM at SuperDesign Show and earlier at Milan Design Week, founder Natasha Yegorova of TASHA ORO utilised a mix of vintage objects and Soviet car industry waste to create towering black vessels.


Black immersion

The immersive quality to black couldn’t be more apparent than in Rive Roshan’s multi-sensory installation, Stilled Life exhibited at this year’s Dutch Design Week. With aims to capture a fleeting moment in time, a landscape of ethereal spatial design and objects invited visitors to take a moment and be still as they reflect on the mindful experience. Rippled movements in water inspired 3D printed black sand sculptures in collaboration with Sandhelden. Most striking though was the perfect tranquillity of the jet black, static water they were placed upon.


This is an excerpt from our SS 2020 Colour, Material and Finish report and MIX Magazine 53.


Image Credits from Top:


MIX Images © Colour Hive | Marialaura Rossiello for Studio Irvine | Joel Escalona x Breuer, photo by Mariana Achach | Float Glass Design | Theia Creative Tiles | Sarah-Linda Forrer | Tasha Oro | Rive Roshan, photo by Alexandra Izeboud | MIX Images © Colour Hive


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