Missing the Blue?

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We've spoken often on the link between greens and wellbeing, and the boom in house plant sales during the coronavirus pandemic affirms biophilia as a real driver. 

But what about the blues? Locked down, there's an absence of those blues we take for granted, from an uninterrupted view of clear, unpolluted sky to the more chemical lure of the holiday pool.
As a response to Covid-19, we predict a strong return to clear optimistic blues, beginning with our SS 2021 forecast for Cloudless and developing with even more intensity into Chlorine for AW 2021/22.

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The pure blue of Cloudless for SS 2021 becomes more saturated with the smallest hint of red in Chlorine for AW 2021/22.

The standards for these colours are referenced to the closest Pantone, NCS and RAL, plus RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX breakdowns in MIX Magazine.

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Longing for a swim?

This beautiful book belongs to one of the (currently locked down) Colour Hive team, and reminds us of the enduring allure of the swimming pool.



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