Materials focus: DE Ploeg

SEA Collection

As part of our curation of One of a Kind materials for the Surface Design Show, we reflected the increasing demand for alignment in sustainability and aesthetic credentials.

Circular fabrics

One of our featured designers De Ploeg addressed this with the story behind their circular curtain fabric SEA. 

Washed up waste

Made from washed up plastic litter, the recovered plastic bottles, bags and fishing nets are collected, recycled and processed into a durable yarn and combined with softer materials for an easier handle. 

Environmental threats and interior assets

In De Ploeg’s words, ‘A threat to the environment becomes an asset to the interior’, and the beaches are a little cleaner too. 

De Ploeg are featured designers in our SS 2020 Colour, Material and Finish Forecast now available as part of Colour Hive Membership.