Why the need for comfort?

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As an aspect of a colour family becomes broadly popular, so its evolutions become increasingly subtle. While thought can be given to how colour preferences will be influenced by Covid-19, our forecast trend drivers of instability, polarisation, and economic uncertainty are, if anything amplified.


To seek comfort in these times is the most natural of responses, and to this end, the prevailing interest in warm and comforting yellows and golden ochre hues is forecast to continue from Beeswax in SS 2021 evolving into Harvest Gold for AW 2021/22.


Golden hour



 With a simple shift of saturation, the soft aspect of SS 2021 Beeswax evolves into the richer Harvest Gold for AW 2021/22.

The versatility of these golds is reflected in the utilitarian application of Beeswax in our SS 2021 design direction Factory, and the decadence of Harvest Gold in the Swansong palette for AW 2021/22.

The standards for these colours are referenced to the closest Pantone, NCS and RAL plus RGB, CMYK, LAB and HEX breakdowns in MIX Magazine.

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If you like your colour history focused and richly researched, we recommend Michael Pastoreau's single colour book series. From cave paintings to the gilet jaune protestors, all you could ever want to know about the colour yellow in art, history and society in Yellow: The History of a Color.



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