Colour Spotlight AW 2019/20: Moss Green

Moss Green moves us gently away from military associations towards the natural and organic.

Whereas Khaki’s connotations continue to be difficult to square with the aesthetics of a sofa say, Moss Green (MIX 50.01.07 Moss from our AW 2019/20 forecast) is a much easier fit, especially in light of the importance of biophilia.


Traditional Green

There’s a reassuring heritage message going on too; Moss Green was one of the 18th century’s most expensive colours to produce, and it maintains its position as a subtle statement of wealth to this day. Other associations also link to privilege; Loden green, named after a thick woollen material, was popular for hunting clothing in Austria and Germany. The colour, so tonally similar to Moss Green, was readily adopted by the English aristocracy and remains popular to this day. Certainly, Northern European labels find it hard to resist.


Moss Green as a neutral

Consequently, we see Moss Green in accessories and furniture, used in blocks or to accentuate brass details. Like Millennial Pink, it’s clear that Moss Green is increasingly being accepted as a neutral. And deservedly so, this is a colour that acts as the perfect foil for shades as diverse as candy pink and sky blue, as well as earth shades and other greens, allowing designers to play with layering and tonal intensity.


And, with its historical associations with wealth and its current role as a short hand for all things natural, versions of Moss Green can be relied upon to work hard for their place in any palette into 2020.

Image credits from top: Nomadia Hedera | Hay | Lexon | Hübsch 

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