Fashion Students Switch to Scrubs  

Despite the closure of universities and subsequent cancellation of degree shows, students and staff alike are finding new ways to stay positive and connected through a shared agenda; joining the fight against Covid-19.

Working from home and in isolation, students from the Fashion and Textiles department at Central Saint Martins have come together and stepped up to the challenge by making scrubs for the NHS.


Christopher Kelly | CSM staff member and designer 


Initiated by curriculum leaders, Oonagh O’Hagan and Jo Simpson, the project was announced earlier this month. Speaking to O'Hagan, the idea for the project came about following a conversation with a friend and NHS consultant who clarified that they were in urgent need of replenishing scrubs, more than masks, visors and other PPE.


Scrubs by Milly Tonks |  LCF alumni 


O'Hagan and Simpson responded with the project #CSMLOVESNHS, and tasked all current students, no matter where they were geographically, with making their own pair of non-surgical scrubs. With the aim of contributing to the supply of clean scrubs, O’Hagan hopes the project will alleviate some of the anxiety NHS staff are experiencing.


Scrubs by Lesley Addison and her craft group | sent to doctors at Helen Douglas House Hospice


We are facing a real-life trauma, and here is something poignant we can do to help save the people who are saving lives. 

Oonagh O’Hagan


Scrubs by Alice Morell Evans | Current CSM student


Working on a small and slow scale, the scrubs are reaching a few local hospitals in London. With this in mind, the students are encouraged to include a token or hidden message in or on the garments as a way of connecting and thanking the wearer on a more personal level. These have included well wishes, uplifting messages, removable badges and key rings, as well as insight into the maker and process such as how long the scrubs took to make.


Scrubs by Eva Dennis | CSM alumni


I wanted to help out somehow, and the CSM project really inspired me. It was fun to get stuck into a project again and to follow a brief. As well as being creative, it was a means of feeling connected despite currently self-isolating. 

Eva Dennis


Scrubs by Megan Pettey | Current CSM Student | sent to a doctor at Borough Road & Nunthorpe Surgery 


With many final year students feeling uncertain about their future, O’Hagan believes this project will help the students by creating a collective sense of community.


Scrubs by Johnny McLean | Current CSM student


This project is as much about the wellbeing of the maker as the wearer. It’s good to find a way to help when you feel helpless.

Oonagh O’Hagen


Christopher Kelly | CSM staff member & designer


Although this was originally a curriculum-based project, a post on Instagram led to an inpouring of messages from people wanting to participate. Thanks to CSM staff member Christopher Kelly, a pattern and accompanying guide is available to download via the Central Saint Martin’s website.


For more information and to participate click here

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