Let generosity be infectious

In response to the impact of Covid-19 upon artists' and makers' livelihoods, fellow artist Matthew Burrows launched the Artist Support Pledge. Since March, #artistsupportpledge has over 200,000 Instagram posts and has generated an estimated £20 million for artists and makers worldwide.
Set up via Instagram, the premise is that artists and makers offer up and sell their work with a maximum price tag of £200, and when they reach £1000 they pledge to buy from another artist or maker. Thus a circular economy is created and a community based on trust and generosity is built.
We spoke to a few artists and makers taking part in the pledge and wanted to share some of their creations with you…
Happy scrolling!



Riviera | Screen print | Jonathan Lawes


With a keen eye for colour, artist and printmaker Jonathan Lawes creates prints with a distinctly graphic yet organic edge. Working with geometry, shape and pattern, abstract compositions are formed and developed during the print process.


Printed paper collage | Jonathan Lawes


It’s been an incredibly positive experience in such an uncertain time, with everyone’s support greatly appreciated. I’ve connected with many new people and have had the opportunity to check out a lot of new artists too.

Jonathan Lawes


Rompecabezas 05 | Acrylic on canvas | Ima Picó


Visual artist Ima Picó produces small abstract paintings in an array of vibrant and bold colours, drawing inspiration from her homeland and Valencian roots.


Yellow tufted shapes | Anna Gravelle


Textile artist Anna Gravelle creates luxurious, 3-dimensional pieces. Employing the craft of tufting, Anna instead works this technique like exquisite embroidery utilising a table-top tufting machine. The outcome, intriguing and irresistibly tactile textiles.


White on White tuft | Anna Gravelle


It felt like an opportunity to offer some colourful and tactile artworks to an audience that wouldn’t usually buy into what I am making. I’ve however been blown away by the response and their global reach. It’s fascinating to see where I am sending the work.

Anna Gravelle


Mixed media on Fabriano paper | Rebecca Appleby


From highly sculptural ceramics to experimental paintings artist Rebecca Appleby’s distinctive style is defined by the dialogue she creates between colour, mark making and movement. A select amount of her mixed media pieces is available as part of the pledge.


Close to Nothing series 07 | Sophie Derrick


Represented by Contemporary Collective and DegreeArt, portrait artist Sophie Derrick combines sculptural painting and performative photography. Using her own skin as a canvas, Sophie photographs the act of painting, then layers, paints and repeats over the original photograph.

It is a really savvy way to collect and own art from awesome and inspiring artists who would usually work on a much bigger and more expensive scale. I also feel really connected and supported despite the circumstances. It’s been such an enjoyable initiative to be a part of.

Sophie Derrick


Covid IV | Jessica Light


One of our contributing panellists as well as London’s last passementerie weaver, Jessica light creates bold, contemporary and unique trims and tassels. Gaining the fourth Tyson Award as part of the Artist Support Pledge, Jessica has created a ‘Covid’ series of woven wall hangings using a rigid heddle loom whilst she works from home.


Covid III | Jessica Light 


Solid and soft surface merge in these knotted foam and cement sculptures by Artist Emily Stollery. With little to no regular access to a kiln after graduating, Emily quickly adapted to working with concrete as her medium. Due to the nature of her process each piece is entirely unique in both colour and shape.


Powder blue knot | Emily Stollery


More than anything I’m really grateful to be busy during this time. I started making these pieces just to keep myself occupied and decided to put some up for the pledge. I had no idea they would be so popular! The pledge has provided a great opportunity to continue to engage with art and discover so many new artists.

Emily Stollery


Mini knots | Emily Stollery


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