Issue 63 | AW 2022/23 Part Two

At last, this issue strikes a note of cautious optimism. With some inevitable provisos, it is possible to look forward and start considering what the post pandemic environment will look like. In this issue we look at two very different ways that habitual patterns formed during the pandemic will continue to exert influence.

In Home we focus on how tech and domesticity have become ever closer interconnected, while in a more otherworldly direction Belief, we discover the influence of the inevitable magical thinking emerging as a response to the random fate of the pandemic.

If there have been many commercial losers in the last year, there have been winners too and the fast-forward on tech development has been nothing short of astounding. In this issue’s special focus we look at how the design world, often so much about the physical, is increasingly intersecting with the digital. We also find a new generation of digital designers that see no boundaries when it comes to overcoming issues of materiality.

Also in this issue

  • Features, essays and interviews exploring the drivers behind the AW 2022/23 forecast
  • 40 pages of trend and colour and material direction and analysis
  • Global colour palettes and regional variances for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand
  • Early adopters of our AW 2021/22 directions Cloister and Web
  • Colour innovator interviews
  • Focus on innovations in the contract sector

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