Issue 60 | SS 2022 Part One

With extraordinary speed, the Covid-19 pandemic has fundamentally changed how we view the world and interact with others; most significantly, crowds and gatherings are no longer welcoming but signify danger. Our first story, Awkward looks at how social distancing and self-isolation will inform our collective consciousness in the future.

Stark, empty streets around the world have been one of the most visually arresting images of the Covid-19 pandemic; a previously unimaginable reality where people no longer exist. Our second story, Wasteland looks at the power of nature to challenge our complacency and asks if there is an opportunity to learn from our mistakes.

While Awkward projects fatalism and a yearning for control, paradoxically, Wasteland reflects a more optimistic outcome post Covid-19.

Also in this issue

  • Features, essays and interviews exploring the drivers behind the SS 2022 forecast
  • 40 pages of trend and colour and material direction and analysis
  • Global colour palettes and regional variances for Europe, Middle East, South Africa, North America, Latin America, Asia, India, Australia & New Zealand
  • Early adopters of our SS 2021 directions Factory and Reverie
  • Colour specific interviews
  • 10-page textile focus

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