Global Color Research Becomes Colour Hive

Company Update

To celebrate becoming part of the Duha Group we would like to introduce you to our new company name and logo. Taking our inspiration from the bees featured in the Duha Group logo and our heritage in colour trend predictions, the name Colour Hive emerged as the perfect choice.

With Colour Hive we will build on our core colour trend forecasting expertise (research results indicate an impressive 87% accuracy) with exciting developments into printing, colour tools, colour management and collateral marketing material.

Moving on from Global Color Research to Colour Hive represents not only a brand evolution but also global expansion. In addition to creating colour tools for a range of industries, the Duha Group has companies on four continents which will allow us to reach further in our exploration of trends and colour as well as developing our services.

Moving into 2016 and beyond we will continue to guide and consult with companies in industries across the board. This is because we believe colour is an essential part of all design decisions and as such deserves to be properly explored and utilised for a successful business.